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Mettle (met·tle) is defined as “the ability to meet a challenge or persevere under demanding circumstances; determination or resolve.” What we do is not easy, but we employ a team of hard-working men and women that have the mettle to do what needs to be done to solve our clients’ challenges.

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Vessel Life Cycle Services

-New Builds
-Ship Repair
-Vessel Recycling

Industrial Fabrication

-Marine Construction
-Civil Infrastructure

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Unrivaled Asset Flexibility and Capacity

3 Shipyards
316,000 m2

Shipyard Area

26,000 m2

Fabrication Shops

1300 m

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Our ambition is to be Canada’s go-to-shipyard for Vessel Life Extensions and partner for new build vessels under 1000 gross tons.

Ontario Shipyards owns and operates several of the largest shipyards in Canada. Our facilities have built and launched full Seawaymax  (225.55 meters x 23.77 meters) and have the capability to build and launch vessels today.

Servicing Canada’s Fleet
“ A Testament to Trust”

Ontario Shipyards has executed over 100 dry-docking and alongside refit projects on Canadian Coast Guard vessels Since 2012. WE ARE PROUD OF THE WORK THAT WE DO FOR OUR NATION.

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A trusted partner of Canadian coast guard

Strengthening Canada's marine economy

Economic Impact - "Navigating Towards Growth"

Ontario Shipyards isn't just about ships; it's about shaping the economic landscape. Our operations bolster the economy, creating jobs, and pioneering industry advancements that ripple across Ontario and beyond.

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Welcome to Team Vigilance

Redefining Naval Excellence

Ontario Shipyards, in partnership with industry leaders such as Vard Marine, Thales Canada, SH Defence, and Fincantieri, is proud to announce our role in Team Vigilance. Launched at CANSEC 2023, this collaboration is at the forefront of naval innovation, crafting the next generation of naval vessels specifically designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern naval operators.

Our Role at Ontario Shipyards

At Ontario Shipyards, we are re-establishing Ontario Shipyards as a leader in Canadian shipbuilding. Our strategic involvement in Team Vigilance leverages the nearly one hundred years of shipbuilding tradition in Ontario and the industrial capacity of the province's manufacturing sector to build the future Canadian Multi-Mission Corvette.

"Ontario was once the epicentre of shipbuilding in Canada. We are now harnessing this capacity to deliver on the goals of the National Shipbuilding Strategy and support Canada's future naval missions."
Shaun Padulo, President and CEO.

Impact and Vision

Vigilance Class Offshore Patrol Vessel

The construction of the Vigilance Class vessel not only supports thousands of jobs but also stimulates Ontario's industrial sector, echoing our commitment to revitalizing Canada's shipbuilding industry. This project plays a critical role in the National Shipbuilding Strategy, securing our maritime borders and reinforcing national security.